Fast shoe factory is a handmade workshop devoted to creating children’s shoes. It was created to pursue one main goal: matching design and innovation with the oldest Italian manufacturing craft, to produce truly unique items every kid would love.
The first project was launched in 2000 in cooperation with MOMA, from which the brand MOMINO was shaped.

Today MOMINO is well known all across Europe as one of the main brands for trendy accessories and research items in the kids’ fashion world.
Years passed by and the company kept growing steadily, confirming its leadership on challenging markets such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. It also had an increasing presence in countries like France, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Obviously Italy is in the list, too: over there MOMINO is recognised as a symbol of vintage style.

The brand success is due to an original and genuine approach to shoemaking, where top notch materials are manufactured using all possible techniques: slip-lasting and ideal methods, Goodyear and Tubulars, inherited from the master shoemakers of the past.
The company has grown thanks to the flexibility and efficiency of a young, lively and genuinely creative team, who is still matching the shoemaking traditional methods to high tech designs.

Thanks to MOMINO, the company is now experiencing a market transition with a great momentum, and one single goal: keeping it real and respecting its own human, ethical and professional credos.